LEED Gold for The Barney Building

Photos by Mike Sinclair.

In early February, The Barney Building was officially LEED Gold certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED certification is an indication of a building designed, constructed and operating with sustainability in mind. RMTA’s client, Karbank Real Estate, approached RMTA to generate design schematics for the 1968 commercial office building late in the summer of 2012. Attracted to the mid-century character of this particular building and it’s prime location in town, the group wanted to re-use the existing structure. The design team was charged with maintaining that character while completely renovating and modernizing the 32,000 square foot building.

The Barney Building, before

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Design Is…

In May, RMTA was named a mid-sized office Design Is… Market Award winner by Shaw Contract Group for their work on Sprint Accelerator, and later, in September, was announced the Global People’s Choice Award winner. The Design Is… Award was developed to honor architecture and design firms “that are changing the very idea of what design is,” according to Shaw. A group of 40 Market Award winners were chosen out of 350 entries from all over the world, and one People’s Choice Award from the 40 Market Award winners. “Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator was selected based on how design is defined through the unique challenges, processes and results of the Continue reading →