ArchNotes — Vol. I, Issue III

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Sprint Executive Briefing Center, completed March 2015

In April, Sprint unveiled it’s new Executive Briefing Center (pictured) at it’s headquarters on the Sprint campus in Overland Park, Kan. It’s first upgrade in 10 years, RMTA worked with Sprint on the renovation. The EBC is situated in a 2,300 square foot circular space within a larger, classically designed corporate office facility. Sprint wanted the non-traditional circular shape to inspire innovative thinking, energizing customers and making them want to spend all day in the center. The RMTA design team decided to create a streamlined, modern and technology-focused space that would impact Sprint’s Fortune 500 clients immediately upon entry. Read more about the project here. Photo by Mike Sinclair.

RMTA was also recently awarded a number of new interiors projects, including: Executive Airshare, a day-based fractional jet ownership and private jet leasing provider that offers equity-building jet card programs for business and leisure travelers; WireCo, an international manufacturer, engineer, and distributer of wire and synthetic rope, specialized assemblies, wire products and electromechanical cable; and eScreen, an electronic employee drug screening and health services provider.

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