Sprint Executive Briefing Center

“I’m very proud of this design […] it helps us engage with the customer and it shows that we are invested in the user experience.”

In early April, Sprint unveiled it’s new Executive Briefing Center at it’s headquarters on the Sprint campus in Overland Park, Kan. It’s first upgrade in 10 years, the renovation signifies an investment in the business by showcasing the technology Sprint has to offer to it’s international, corporate clientele in a newly remodeled, cutting edge facility designed by RMTA.

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DSI, two years later

Photos by Chad Jackson

“When people walk through those doors, they’ve already pretty much made up their minds,” McGraw said. “People envision themselves in a place before they make a move and we are now getting a new generation of employees because of our space.”

In 2012, RMTA completed a two-story office for the international mobile software company Data Systems International (DSI). After spending two decades in suburban Overland Park, Kansas, DSI was spurred by the recent development in downtown Kansas City and decided to move their corporate headquarters to the vibrant, urban core in the Power & Light district. Their existing workspace in a suburban area of town was dated and traditional, not reflective of the high-tech work they did on a daily basis. DSI wanted a new global headquarters that would better reflect their forward-thinking business model, their high-tech products and leave their international customer base with a lasting impression, as well as aid in the recruitment of top local and national talent. Moving to the urban core meant providing an office location in an area where their employees could live, work and play. With this in mind, the RMTA design team’s goal was to create a sleek, contemporary and dynamic digital work environment, reflective of the high-tech industry and of the client’s brand specifically.

RMTA checked in with CEO Matt McGraw recently on company growth, how his new space has impacted day to day business and whether the design is still meeting expectations.

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