Now Showing, Spenser Albertsen


From May through June the artwork of Spenser Albertsen will be shown in the 908 Gallery as part of the Arts KC Now Showing program. Albertsen’s work features stylized, expressionistic portraiture juxtaposed with minimalistic compositions. His pieces explore the innate differences between the dynamic of the pull and shove between the material & immaterial.

The character of the subjects in his pieces are representative of the simplistic yet divisive nature of the human condition; simply shown, yet internally complex. The symmetrical and asymmetrical compositions demonstrate the internal struggle of sustainability, or stability. By toggling the vast negative space, he is showing the magnetic void that we all exist within.

Albertsen attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln after growing up in Omaha. He graduated with a BFA in studio fine arts. Living in Kansas City for the past four years, he has discovered a distinct interest in the form within the urban environment.

For more information about Albertsen or his work, visit


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